Health Matrix Immune Matrix Fizzy Boost


Your trusted year-round immune support!


Health Matrix Immune Matrix Fizzy Boost has been formulated with the immune system supporting combination of vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin D₃, zinc and selenium to provide you with the essential nutrients your defence system needs.


Health Matrix Immune Matrix Fizzy Boost can be used as a standalone immune support product or as the perfect booster to Health Matrix Immune Matrix capsules.




Next level support for your immune system!


Health Matrix’s Immune Matrix Fizzy Boost is a powerful immune support product for adults and children that combines 5 all-natural nutrients to provide resilience and support against harmful infections.


What’s Inside Our Scientifically Proven Immune Booster Fizzy


Vitamin C

Vitamin C has numerous immune-boosting properties. It encourages the production of white blood cells, which are vital for fighting off infections. Vitamin C also helps to neutralise free radicals, which could damage cells and lead to inflammation. Furthermore, vitamin C enhances the function of immune cells, helping them to destroy pathogens and prevent illness. As a result, vitamin C is an essential nutrient for supporting the immune system.


Vitamin D₃

Vitamin D₃ is a natural immune booster. It may help the body to fight off infections and could also help to reduce the severity of colds and flu. Vitamin D₃ helps our bodies to produce natural immune boosters like antibodies and white blood cells. These substances help to fight off infection and disease. Vitamin D₃ also helps to regulate the body’s inflammatory response. So, if you’ve been wondering how to support your immune system naturally, ensure you’re getting enough vitamin D₃ in your immunity boosting health supplement.


Vitamin B₁ (Thiamine)

Vitamin B₁ is one of the essential vitamins for the immune system and plays a pivotal role in its support. Thiamine helps to produce antibodies, which are responsible for fighting infection and disease. Additionally, vitamin B₁ may help regulate the activity of immune cells, ensuring they can respond effectively to viral threats.



Zinc is an essential immune system boosting micronutrient that plays a role in immune function, cell growth, and wound healing. When zinc levels are low, the body is more susceptible to infection. Zinc helps to block viral entry into cells and inhibits viral replication. It also modulates immune responses and helps the body to clear infected cells. Immune Matrix provides Zinc in amino acid chelate form, significantly improving absorption.



Selenium works by stimulating the production of immune cells, which help to fight off infections and diseases. Selenium supports the humoral immune response, which is critical in the production of antibodies.


Now that you know how to strengthen your immune system with Immune Matrix Fizzy Boost make sure to make it part of your daily supplement routine to keep your immune system functioning optimally!


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