Health Matrix Magnesium Chelate

Health Matrix Magnesium Chelate

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Due to severe global depletion of magnesium in water sources, most people are sorely lacking in this essential mineral. Magnesium plays a role in more than 300 enzyme systems, and its functions include:

  • The reduction of fatigue
  • The maintenance of normal bones
  • Normal psychological function 
  • Prevention of irritability and nervousness
  • Improving sleep quality

Health Matrix Magnesium chelate is a unique blend of magnesium salts that are bound to amino acid molecules to enhance its absorption.

Pack size: One bottle contains 60 capsules

Typical daily dose: 1 capsule taken once or twice daily with food


Ingredients in one capsule of Health Matrix Magnesium Chelate

(Take note these levels are elemental values)

Magnesium AAC* + oxide combination: 120mg

Per daily dose: 240mg

*AAC (Amino Acid Chelate)

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