The easiest to do weight loss trick ever

So here is my ‘easiest to do’ weight loss tip ever – SLEEP ENOUGH!

I’ve helped many people over years to try and lose weight and you have no idea how you’re scuttling your weight loss attempt by not getting enough shut eye.

Here are the reasons why sleep is key to shedding those extra kilograms:

  • You will be more motivated to stick to your goal. People who sleep enough are more motivated with everything in their lives and can resist cravings much better.
  • Research has shown that sleep deprived people engage in more late night snacking and eat larger portions as a rule
  • You will have the energy to exercise
  • You will have less Ghrelin hormone and thus less hunger
  • You will have more leptin hormone and thus be able to stop eating when you’ve had enough
  • You will have less cortisol. This is important because too much cortisol signals the body to store more fat!

How much sleep is enough?

Usually 6-8 hours but you will have to find your own individual sweet spot of sleep quantity.

When you have this in place you can focus on unique dietary interventions and supplementation to help the process along!

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