The value of supplementation

The Health Matrix Natural Supplement Range is a professional range of essential human nutrition products registered for strict compliance with the South African Medicines Control Council.

The range was developed by South African medical professionals and anti-ageing experts, and formulated from only the purest ingredients sourced from across the globe. The Health Matrix products blend contemporary scientific knowledge with extraordinary components and alone, or in combination, represent a compelling opportunity to improve nutrient intake.


Why use supplements?

Scientific research spanning several decades has uncovered numerous reasons why people need to adopt a high quality, well-formulated supplement regime. These reasons include:

  • Longer work hours, travel and increased stress
  • Less sleep, and decreased sleep quality
  • Decreased nutrient density in food due to poorer quality soil and ground water
  • Increased toxic load caused by air, food and water pollution
  • Smoking and excessive alcohol use
  • Chronic illnesses
  • Inadequate or restrictive diet

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